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Dear Reader,

This month’s articles initially seem to all share a couple of themes: rape or the environment. Thankfully, a deeper look through the paper reveals a less bleak outlook. There are amazing athletes like Ellie Pell, who won a 50k ultra marathon, putting the event organizers in a bit of an awkward position. For the girls and women who are often the most negatively affected by climate change, there is a bit of positive news for a change: new aquifers of fresh water have been found under the Atlantic Ocean.

Perhaps most interestingly, it turns out that gender neutral pronouns can change how people think. “‘Most people don’t have ready-made attitudes on most things we think are important. If your language nudges you in some direction, it should have some nontrivial effect on your opinion,’ says Pérez. ‘[…] how does the language you speak affect how you see the world?'”

Seems to me a pretty simple way to make the world a better place. Change your language, change the world.

Stay strong,

Katie Weidmann
Girl News International

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