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Dear Reader,

As we approach the New Year, this month’s issue of GNI is about reflection and looking to redefine what it will mean to be a girl in 2018. The Balthus exhibition at The Met is certainly a start. In light of the #MeToo campaign, museum educators have started to examine art history’s objectification of young women by questioning the content of some of the most famous paintings (read more about this exhibition in an upcoming blog post). Of course, this is not to ignore the negatives that still exist: if we can change the course of female objectification by reconsidering the status of old paintings, is it possible for other imposed social structures such as child marriage in Kenya, or the lack of formal education for Indonesian girls to be lifted? Here at Girl News, we are dedicated to sharing stories that celebrate putting an end to many past social stigmas the effect the lives of young women today. Let this be our aim for 2018. Please read and share.

With strength and hope,

-Ashley E. Remer & Megan Sormus
Girl News International

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