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We have a thin issue for you this time. The reason? Girl Museum was hacked on International Women’s Day. While we do not know who did it, happening on IWD is no coincidence. While we will be rebuilding the site over the next month, please consider donating to help us with the ever-increasing cost of internet security. Now to the stories and the positive and negative ways girls hold the spotlight. As Emma González remains at the forefront as she speaks out against the high school gun rampage that recently shook the US (and won’t stop shaking for a while), Shahira Yusuf is hitting the headlines as an ‘up-and-coming’ runway hijab model. Like so many other girls, both González and Yusuf struggle with societal opinions and views that try to reduce them to just ‘some girl’. But, as we touched on in last month’s issue, there is much history to be written by girls, so let’s continue with the girls from Nigeria, Great Britain, Sudan and Pakistan that you will meet in this issue of GNI.

With strength and hope,

Ashley Remer & Kristina Kraemer
Girl News International


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