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Dear Reader,

Happy 2019. Did you enjoy the holidays? Hopefully you were warm, well-fed and safe. These are the hopes for all people, but not the realities for many millions. We start the new year with a fresh eyes, open to seeing people and the world for what it is and looking for what we can do to change it. Hope doesn’t feed bellies or teach minds or change minds or make laws. Dominating this issue are stories around girl trafficking and underage marriage, an issue that seems to at least be on some government’s radar. As are the usual horror stories of depression, abduction and rape. Yet, brilliant girls are making huge strides in sports, education and STEM. Let’s get informed, keep fired up, and support the girls who are moving mountains and those who are just getting by. Please read and share.

With strength,

-Ashley E. Remer
Girl News International

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