Linda Blake

“Training, sharing knowledge, helping others grow through learning, is the theme of my life.”

My herione is a woman who had a huge influence in my life as a young adult. I met Linda when I was 15 on my first overnight tramp in Fiordland. I learnt how to tramp through knee-high mud, use a compass, and cook mince on an open fire in the rain. She was a young woman teaching outdoor education and inspired me within two days to follow — this as my profession.

Later, when I worked for her in the NZ Forest Service (late 1970s), she supported me as a woman working in the very male-dominated field of parks, forestry, and recreation management. Linda had the self-belief and confidence to contribute to her field at a national level and was often the only woman and person under 30 in various committees. Having this as a role model was immeasurable, especially as we share the same commitment to adult learning in our professional lives.

Linda has had a varied professional life, working in tourism, journalism, TV presenting, and currently the adult education sector. She leads another life running an alpaca business and takes pleasure today from sharing her knowledge and watching students grow and achieve with their learning.

-Lynda B.

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