Lizzo in concert, Paris, 2023. Photo by Ashley E. Remer.

Normally I wouldn’t think of going to a concert without knowing most words to most songs in an artist’s catalogue. Having not been to a concert in -redacted- years, and with a new found love of knowing very little before I see a play or movie, I thought “that’s ok” when my friend Emma booked us tickets to see LIZZO while I was in Paris for work.

Now, I do know the chorus to a few Lizzo songs, but that’s not for lack of liking the music. I am a woman of a certain age and stage. Lyrics just don’t hang around in my brain anymore. It didn’t matter at all. Not only is Lizzo is such a generous performer, but she made everyone feel included regardless of how you come to her concert. I love Lizzo the person: who she is and how she lives her feminism. It is iconic and a model for us all. When she sang “Like a Girl,” it made me feel genuinely happy and proud of myself and the work I do.

Lizzo in concert, Paris, 2023. Photo by Ashley E. Remer.

The message to love yourself, be kind to yourself and others, can seem cliché, but that is because we need to keep hearing it until we do it. Good on Lizzo for banging that drum. Her joy at seeing the range of people that were celebrating her showed on Lizzo’s face. She doesn’t have a poker face at all. She laughed, she joked, she twerked, and she fluted. She even stopped a song to make sure a girl who fainted was ok. She thanked the band, the dancers, and her DJ by name, several times. She honored herself, the audience, and the crew.

Truly this was the most feminist concert I think I have ever been to, and I have seen the Indigo Girls many times. You rocked Paris, Lizzo!

Thank you for sharing the final night of your tour and reminding us that we are all special — I really needed that.

– Ashley E. Remer
Head Girl

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