Museums are places for – and by – people.

People made the objects. Others acquired the objects for the museum. Other people put together the exhibitions that bring objects together into themes. And still others come to view, discuss, and find meaning in those objects.

Most importantly, people created the stories behind every object and image you see.

Girl Museum is a museum for, and by, the people. The stories you see here are those of girls around the world, in the past and present.

Our goal has always been to let girls tell their own stories. It’s why Girl Museum exists: we are a space where girls – either living today or as interpreted by our curators – can finally let their voices be heard. From the girls of Renoir’s paintings to modern-day activists, artists, scientists, and gamers (among many others), Girl Museum is their space. In fact, it’s your space.

Today, I invite you to make your voice heard.

As a historian and girl, I can tell part of the story – but I can’t tell the whole story. I can’t tell the story of a girl who lived in poverty, or who faced racial discrimination, or even one who traveled widely. Those aren’t my experiences. And although we have a large team of different backgrounds, the Girl Museum team by no means represents the wealth of girls’ experiences in the world. We need your help to make sure the voices of all girls are represented.

So how can you contribute your voice? Here’s some ideas:

Why I Game — Why do you game? Why is it important to you? Your answer will be featured on our quilt as part of our Gamer Girl exhibition.

Girl Reviews — Did you recently watch a movie or show, or read a book, that featured girls and young women? What did you think? Submit a review for our blog and we‚Äôll add it to our Girl Reviews or Girls‚Äô Book Club.

Heirloom — Do you have a family story to tell? Is there an object in your house that you‚Äôd like to know more about? Contribute to our Heirloom project by researching and telling the story of a beloved heirloom in your family. You never know what you‚Äôll find out!

Contribute to an exhibit! We have several coming up that we’d love to hear from you on. One in particular is Girl Groups, which focuses on the experiences and impacts that groups like the Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and Campfire Girls have had on young girls and the women they became. We’re looking for your memories of being in these groups, and the impact it has had, including written pieces, poems, photo essays, videos, and more!

To learn more and talk about contributing your voice to our museum, email me!

Your voice matters. Let’s make it heard ‘round the world.

-Tiffany Rhoades
Program Developer
Girl Museum Inc.

P.S. None of the above sound like you? We also love guest blogs and submissions for exhibitions like STEM Girls, Surfer Girl, and Gazed & Confused. Email me with your ideas!

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