Photo Courtesy of Alice Walsh.

Hi everyone!!! I am Chompunute Walsh or you can call me Alice. I am from Bangkok, Thailand but I am currently living in Taipei, Taiwan, studying a masters degree at the National Taipei University of Education, majoring in Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art. My previous background from my bachelor degree was Communication Design Programme at Mahidol University International College. I used to work as a Junior graphic designer which focused on the design of printed material (ex. posters and books). So far, I have had a few experiences in Taiwan, throughout their local museums to art galleries. Currently I am volunteering as a docent at the National Taiwan Museum and volunteering to help an artist at her studio.

As I have so many interests, I tend to have many hobbies, From reading fiction books (I read fantasy, romance and mystery such as the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling and Shadowhunters series, by Cassandra Clare) to dancing (such as, Hip Hop, Zumba and Dancehall). I also love to do some art and crafts, especially cross-stitching. I also collect stamps and coins; if they are rare or a cool pattern to keep, I would buy them. Most importantly, if I am super stressed from studying I often play video games on the computer, I love to explore games such as “Assassin Creed” series, “Tomb Raider” Series or “Life is Strange” series. If I am too lazy, I will turn on Netflix and watch with my mum, (Western and K-Drama series).

At the moment, I do hope to be the curator of my own gallery or art critic (if I plan to study for a PhD in the future). All in all, I hope to be able to work with famous curators out there and able to develop the art and design world in Asia, especially in South East Asia.

There were so many museums in the world that I like. I love “The Louvre”, in France; it’s one of the most wonderful museums ever on Earth. The louvre has everything beside the famous Mona Lisa, but, I liked “Winged Victory of Samothrace.” The second museum was “The Rijksmuseum”, in the Netherlands. I think it has one of the biggest libraries I’ve ever seen. Of course, “The Night Watch” and “The Milkmaid” (Vermeer) were the two artworks that fascinated me. Lastly, “The National Palace Museum”, Taiwan (visited in 2016). It may not hold the history of Taiwan but display full of imperial artifacts from China. The two highlight works were “Pork Layer” and “Cabbage” both were made by Jade (Green and Brown). The reason I liked the museum because whenever I visit, the artifacts will change around every three months. So, you will never be able to view everything every time you visited.

Art Museums that I adored were “Musée d’Orsay”, in France. I love the museum architecture itself, and the “Impressionism” section, because Monet’s works were my idol. Next was “Museo del Novecento”, in Italy. I love the location because it is next to the Cathedral and yet the building looks amazing. The interesting arts were “Futurism” section, especially artworks by Boccioni. Lastly, “Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei”, Taiwan ( visited in 2017). The building that was used was built in the Japanese colonied period but yet inside they have renovated each room and section differently according to the artwork. My favorites shows at the time was “Spectrosynthesis: Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now” (2017). It was the first LGBTQ exhibition in Taiwan. There were showing mixed media of artwork from painting to video arts. This exhibition has traveled through Thailand and I got to see another version of the exhibition. Where both version has selected artworks according to the region that they were being displayed at the time. 

The girl issues that I know was based on the circle of friends and my own experience, we were often asked, …when will you graduate,? when will you have a boyfriend ? and when will you get married? I don’t know if it was an Asian thing that people often asked us but I don’t think that if you get married you will become successful. You can be single and successful too. I believe that we have the right to live on our own and stand on our own feet without being with someone else. I mean I have nothing against meeting a soulmate, I think we should embrace the single life and love yourself, which is more important.

-Alice W. 
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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