Hello! My name is Amber and I currently live in Brighton, UK. I have an MA in Art History and a BA Honours Degree in Visual Culture. I have recently been working and volunteering on a number of projects in order to gain valuable structured work-based training to support my museum career. My ultimate ambition is to assume a curatorial role in an institution dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements in the arts like The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. In the future I would like to support museum programmes by assisting with research, writing original content and producing exhibition materials such as catalogue entries.

I enjoy utilising my analytical skills by researching and writing about the cultural history of art — its production, appreciation and collection. I particularly like to research war art or artwork produced by female artists. I enjoy expressing emotion and creative vision by taking photographs and sharing my passion of art, architecture and historical places. I don’t have a favourite museum but I often visit the Tate Britain, Jerwood Art Gallery and the Imperial War Museum which all house a fantastic permanent collection of twentieth century art objects.

-Amber Barnes
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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