Photo Courtesy of Beth Dockery

Hi! My name is Beth and I am currently living and working in London. I graduated last year from the University of Leicester with my Masters in Museum Studies, having gained my BA in Ancient History and History from the University of Reading. I am just starting out in my museum career, after volunteering for the last 7 years in various museum education roles. I currently work in family engagement in a small museum, which is pretty much my dream role! I’ve always loved history and I love finding ways to engage families and young people with heritage and create a fun experience for them.

In my spare time I love to read, listen to podcasts, and of course visit new museums. I recently moved to London and am taking full advantage of all the museums in the city. I also recently took up knitting, still very much a beginner but enjoying my new challenge!

One of my favourite museums is the Victoria and Albert museum, mainly the Cast Courts and the theatre and performance exhibitions. I find the Cast Courts to be a peaceful place and I love being able to get close to the objects. I also enjoy visiting the Museum of London as I enjoy the feeling of moving through history. The flow of the exhibitions is engaging and I always find something new.

My dream job is to continue the work I currently do, working in new places with new communities. I’d love to be able to work at one of my favourite museums within their learning teams. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work on something that I am so passionate about, both in my career and my internship with the Girl Museum. I have always been passionate about the representation of women’s stories in history and in museums. My   undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations both focused on this topic.

Girls today face so many issues. The one I see most is the struggle of being constantly exposed to social media and the mental health problems this can create for some girls. The inability to avoid the ideas of needing to be more and comparison to others lives that can come from places such as Instagram is a huge issue for girls. Navigating social media is a skill that needs to be taught more, and the curating of your own feed to be a place that makes you happy needs to be encouraged.

-Beth Dockery
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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