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Hi, I’m Emily. Born in sunny Suffolk, UK but currently living in London. A Society, Culture and Media graduate and proud feminist who loves with visiting museums and heritage sites, watching Stacey Dooley & Louis Theroux documentaries and walking my pug, Lily.

My dream job is to be a Curator or Engagement Officer working to make museums more accessible and inclusive for all. Growing up, I never knew jobs in museums existed, so I would like to help make them more open and representative so that young people, especially those from BAME communities, can make life choices with the goal of working in a museum or heritage organisation.

My favourite museum is the V&A’s Museum of Childhood, in Bethnal Green, London. The museum showcases objects “made for and by children” as well as stories, events and outreach focused on childhood which I think is wonderful and unique. I find it fascinating to think that objects, stories, events and experiences can connect people who seemingly have no similarities and how historical politics, cultural background, technological technology and globalisation have changed childhood over time. The Museum of Childhood celebrates and represents a time of life that is so often overlooked and forgotten by adults and I think that is truly wonderful.

I think the biggest issue facing girls that I know right now is the lack of trust or understanding towards women when talking about the countless issues, prejudices and inequalities that we face and our need for societal change. I personally feel like I am always having to justify my opinions, experiences and fears; constantly being met with disbelief, mansplaining and a lack of support. Discussing with other girls about the inequalities regarding issues such as sexualisation, pay, abuse, rights over our own bodies and the language used to speak about women it has become more apparent how few of us feel safe to discuss these for fear of being mocked or not believed or unheard and that isn’t a safe place to be.

-Emily Clarke
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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