Hello! My name is Emily! I was born in the province of Newfoundland in Canada, and now live on the other side of the country in British Columbia. Living in both provinces has given me a taste of island life.

I started university in 2011 studying the humanities generally. I finished my degree in English literature at the University of Victoria, and then stayed at UVIC for another two years to complete my masters. While I was doing my masters degree in English Literature I specialized in Canadian Literature. I always love the way Canadian literature approaches themes of belonging, nationhood, and cultural identity. I realized that the same themes of national identity could be represented in objects, and that stories and histories could be passed down through generations. It was this realization that led me to pursue a masters degree in Museum Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

One of my most enriching museum experiences was a placement at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, where I was the main curator in an exhibition focused on the social life of lightkeepers. The main goal was to present the human side of an industrial museum, and to highlight the domestic and personal lives of the families of lightkeepers. This gave me a chance to highlight stories never told before.

One of my favourite museum experiences was the Peterhead Prison museum, which is on the site of a once-active prison. I have never felt the past so profoundly as I did during my visit to that museum. I admire museums that reveal tough stories. One can listen to audio accompaniments with footage of personal accounts throughout ones visit as well, which further enriches the experience.

I am continuously searching for a career that best combines my two academic disciplines, which are Museum Studies and English literature. Presently I’m volunteering at the national museum in my home city, the Royal BC Museum, and a castle museum called Craigdarroch Castle. When not writing poetry, stories, or blog posts, I enjoy taking photos and running. During my time studying abroad in Scotland I completed 4 running races, including the historic Chariots of Fire 5k in St Andrews. Concerning my professional goals, I’m happy with any opportunity that allows me to tell stories and present histories in a creative manner. Basically, I’m a book worm who is happiest when working in archives, museums, and libraries.

I can think of a lot of issues that girls face, but one of biggest I think is the pressure to grow up and embrace “womanhood” and sexuality. At a young age, girls are forced to worry about their appearance as it relates to sexuality. The pressure to move from “girlhood” to “womanhood” can be overwhelming.

-Emily Scott
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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