Georgia Licence as a girl
Georgia Licence

Hello everybody, my name is Georgia Licence. I am a Geography student at Royal Holloway, University of London. I grew up in Canterbury and have been at university in Surrey for four years completing my Undergraduate degree and now my MSc in Global Futures.

I am interested in the GeoHumanities. This regards how Geography intersects with art and culture to contribute to solving the problems we face as a society today. For my undergraduate dissertation, I looked into the ‘Traditional’ aesthetics of the ballet industry. I researched what this means for the dancers who do not fit the desired image and the ways in which this representation is evolving. This year, I hope to research how the process of art-making can allow women to express their identities, rather than seeing the artwork as purely an end product.

Outside of academia, my main interest is ballet and I have danced ever since I was a toddler. For eighteen years I participated in shows, competitions, and examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance. I continued ballet with the Dance society at university too, making friends from different year groups, courses, and even countries! I now have friends living in Hong Kong, Japan and Spain, and I cannot wait to visit them once I have finished my degree.

My dream job would be to curate artistic and cultural exhibitions in museums all round the world, allowing me to acquire new knowledge and explore our earth. In the summer after my first year at university I volunteered at a school in rural Northern India, and in my second year I carried out some fieldwork in southern Malawi. These experiences were so valuable to me so a future career where I am able to travel would be ideal.

My favourite museum is The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I love the breadth of exhibits at this museum, from fashion and costumes to a collection of wallpaper designs. The architecture of the V&A museum itself is beautiful and adds to the truly inspiring nature of the visitor experience.

The biggest issue girls face today is that, in many aspects of our everyday lives, we fail to acknowledge our worth. Whether this be in the work or school environment, or in relationships, girls are led to believe they have less to contribute, or less power than others around us. I am eager to change this and help young girls to embody their power and strength within. Through creative practices, and missions like Girl Museum, we can help ignite this power within all girls, providing both a voice and a platform from which to speak.

-Georgia Licence
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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