Janice Yap as a young girl
Janice as a girl.

Hello! My name is Janice and I am a Malaysian born in Bangkok, Thailand where I had grown up. My family moved back to Malaysia after a few years, and its where I currently live.

I am a recent anthropology graduate. In my degree, I have studied both the social and biological aspects of the academic field. My favourite specialisms being cultural and forensic anthropology. I completed my undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom, and also did a year aboard in Japan. I am multilingual, speaking four languages with a range of fluencies.

Aside from learning languages, my hobbies also include dancing ballet, reading and writing crime novels, as well as visiting museums and art galleries whenever I can. In regards to a dream job, I don’t particularly have a specific one at this moment. But I do plan to pursue a Master’s in curatorial studies, and have always wanted to take part in an archaeological dig since I was a child.

My favourite museum in the world is the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France. I had first visited the museum on an art school trip to Paris, and ever since, it’s a museum that I always found myself back at time and time again. The atmosphere of the former Beaux-Arts railway station reminds me of fonder times. I had often brought my friends and mother to visit with me, and it’s because of that the museum would always hold a special place in my heart.

The biggest issue facing girls I know would be that whenever they find the courage to speak up from themselves, nobody takes them seriously enough. And they don’t always get the justice they deserve, in some cases, they even get blamed for it instead. Living in a country where child marriages still exist, I have seen cases of where a rapist can escape criminal charges by marrying their victims. Most of whom are minors. It’s upsetting to see because it means that the system has failed to protect them, and their rights. Yet, it is not an issue that I’ve only seen in my country, as I’ve seen it happen in other places too, and even to one of my friends. When she had gone to the authorities about her experience, she had gotten blamed for it instead of getting the help she so needed. And that’s just not right, there needs to be a change and I believe the time has finally come for that now.

-Janice Yap
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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