Photo Courtesy Of Jessica Eykel.

I’m Jessica and I am from Hertfordshire in the U.K. I have recently graduated university where I studied Costume with Textiles. I am now exploring all my post degree options by working freelance and volunteering in a variety of museums. I love everything to do with history, books and learning, and going to a National Trust property is my idea of the perfect day. It is this that draws me to museum work, encouraging others to share in my passions. Of an evening, I love to keep busy and you will almost always find me embroidering. I am also an avid lover of Disney and Taylor Swift and would happily dedicate my life to either of the two

My favourite museum would have to be the V&A with its focus on the decorative arts! I have so many great memories of visiting this museum and it has always inspired me throughout my life. The variety and quality of the exhibitions they curate mean that there are always new things to see whenever I visit. To highlight this diversity, exhibitions from the past six months have included Winnie the Pooh, ocean liners and futuristic objects! Housed in one of the most beautiful examples of London architecture, I always feel so excited just walking into the building.

Following this, as I look to my future career, my dream job would be to work at the National Art Library. To work at one of my favourite places to visit in London, whilst also surrounded by books would be amazing. Within this, I would love to carry out curatorial and research roles, continuing my own learning whilst educating others.

The biggest issue I believe faces women today is gender inequality in the workplace. With the pay gap remaining a huge issue and a gender imbalance seen throughout certain industries and roles, women are not getting the recognition they deserve. By being a part of Girl Museum, I am looking forward to sharing and addressing these issues with other girls so that we can come together and encourage a difference in the world.

-Jessica Eykel
Junior Girl
Girl Museum

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