Photo Courtesy of Josie Evans.

Hi! My name is Josie and I live in the diverse city of London. With my degree in English Literature having come to an end, I wanted to seek out a new opportunity. Which is why I am drawn to Girl Museum! At university I was Chair for the Intersectional Feminism Society, and I currently volunteer for a women’s centre. These roles have provided me with foundational knowledge and passion for feminism. I have never had the opportunity to dedicate myself to researching the subject of girlhood and am excited to delve in!

As my degree subject indicates, I love to read, and my time at university has opened my eyes to new genres and authors! When I’m not reading you can usually find me involved in something creative – upcycling, drawing, or cooking. These activities allow my brain to go completely quiet which is why I enjoy them so much. My favourite museum encapsulates creativity and hosts a range of unique and amazing artefacts. The Victoria and Albert Museum (The V&A) is home to some of the best creations in history. The exhibits are breath-taking and completely immerse visitors in the worlds they are displaying.

Ultimately, I open to all and any experiences, but at this point I am hoping to establish a career in the literary world. My dream role would be to work at a publishing house which focuses on female authors. More female voices need to be heard, especially those who represent marginalised groups. The diverse range of human experiences is important to recognise!

I believe that the biggest problem girls face is the limited access to education. This a problem which occurs globally, with some girls having no access or right to education. Additionally, girls are discouraged from entering certain subjects due to stereotypical ideas. These issues reduce the opportunities open to girls and greatly impact their future.  Education is something which helps us to understand and better ourselves and our communities. Girl Museum providing an educational platform to girls all over the world is inspiring and something I am very proud to be contributing to!

-Josie Evans
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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