My name is Louisa and I live in Liverpool, the UK. I was born and raised here but left the city when I was 18 to study history at Brunel University in London where I had the best three years of my life. I then took a year long break and did a little bit of travelling in Europe and Australia, before embarking on a two year masters degree in Global Security with the University of Glasgow. I spent most academic terms in Scotland but also spent a term abroad in Regensburg, Germany — a pretty little town in Bavaria. I also went to a summer school at the University of Edinburgh during this time to complete a course in museum exhibitions and curatorial practice. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to study abroad and really appreciate the experiences and life lessons it has provided me with. Yet now that I’ve just graduated the only career path I can imagine myself taking is not in the security industry but in something history-related. I’m currently back in Liverpool whilst I gain some experience in museums and galleries and all things related to the arts like heritage, culture and curation. I’m really hoping that by branching out into these sectors I will manage to stumble upon my perfect job any day now!

My main interest since as far back as I can remember has always been history and I began to create my own mini museum when I was young, collecting items from museum gift shops and old family heirlooms convinced that I could open my own museum one day! So of course I am a frequent visitor of museums and always seek them out when travelling to another city or country. I’m very luck in that Liverpool has quite a few incredible ones that I’ve been to more times than I can remember. I am an avid reader, my favourite genre being historical fiction, but I’m also a fan of the odd crime novel or a classic work of fiction. I’m really into health, wellbeing and fitness and love baking, especially when I get to try out new gut-healthy recipes. I workout most days a week, do yoga and meditate daily, and I’m a massive advocate of taking care of your mental health.

I have no idea what my dream job would be as yet! I love the idea of doing something creative in the arts sector like designing exhibitions for museums and galleries. I also love the idea of working for myself, maybe writing a few novels or starting a blog and visiting historical sites across the world for inspiration.

The best museum I’ve been to was Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam. It was absolutely incredible to visit a museum within an authentic setting as it felt like experiencing an actual piece of history walking around the house in which she lived. It was sad and poignant to see her diary and photos and reflect on this tragic story of a young girl who had such high hopes for her future.

I think the biggest issue facing girls I know is having to grow up in a world obsessed with social media, plastic surgery and perfectionism. This is fuelling rapidly declining mental health and a worrying lack of self-esteem in girls from such a young age. I think as women we have a responsibility to raise and teach girls to love themselves from the inside out and that social media is not the real world, nor does it matter how many followers or likes you have!

-Louisa Yorke
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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