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I have worked in a library and in archives, but not yet a museum. I aspire to be a Spanish-speaking exhibit designer or curator, possibly in an art museum. I have always loved learning Spanish and loved drawing, and my favorite color has always been purple. I am fierce book reader. I have had juvenile idiopathic arthritis since I was four years old, which led me to advocate in my country’s capital for medical funding towards finding the cure of the disease. In my spare time, I practice yoga and I enjoy dancing to Korean pop songs.

I currently live  in the United States, in the lovely and watery state of Michigan. I couldn’t pick a favorite museum, but I would like to show my appreciation for a museum in my home state that I’ve been to — the Henry Ford Museum. Henry Ford infamously manufactured the first automobile. At this museum, which I visited in a Girl Scouts trip, one can enter into Henry Ford’s daughter’s playhouse. This playhouse is fully equipped with everything their real house had, and was a fascinating insight into girlhood toys and the importance of them to girls like Henry Ford’s daughter.

I have joined Girl Museum as I believe that the biggest issue facing girls is that girls do not have enough opportunities to advance and educate their lives. I hope in advocating for girls in my internship, I can make a change.

-Lydia Henning
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

Want to join us as an intern? Head to girlmuseum.org/connect/internships for more information about the different roles we have at Girl Museum.

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