Hi! My name is Maxine. I was born in New Jersey, and I now live in Columbus, Ohio. I have a BA in History from Rutgers University, along with an MA in History from The Ohio State University. I am currently working on my PhD in History at The Ohio State University. My dissertation focuses on Alice Roosevelt Longworth, President Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest daughter, and her evolving celebrity status during the first half of the twentieth century. I use Alice’s celebrity as a lens to showcase key threads in American history.

School photo of a young girl with two bows in her hair.

My main hobby is lifting weights. When I am not reading, writing, teaching, or hanging out with friends, I am usually pumping iron at the gym. Lifting weights has also introduced me to so many cool people from all over the world. I love meeting fellow lifters!

My parents instilled in me a passion for museums early on, as we spent vacations traveling to cool sites. We particularly sought out presidential homes and birthplaces during my childhood. I loved going through the First Ladies exhibition at the National Museum of American History, one of my favorite exhibits. Looking at the gorgeous dresses on display made me want to learn more about the women who occupied the White House. This led to my eventual dissertation topic on Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

A favorite part of my graduate career thus far has been teaching. Sharing my passion for women’s and gender history with my students has been a blast. After graduate school, I would like to continue to teach women’s and gender history. Many young women told me that they wish they knew about the female historical actors we covered before they took my class. The voices of historical women are often neglected by popular narratives. Girls often do not see themselves represented in the material that many history textbooks and history classes cover. By focusing on girlhood, the Girl Museum plays an essential role in educating the public. I am thrilled to contribute to the site!

-Maxine Wagenhoffer
Junior Girl
Girl Museum, Inc.

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