Photo Courtesy of Niamh Hanrahan.

Hi! My name is Niamh and I’ve joined the Girl Museum as a Curatorial Intern. I come from England. I have just finished my MA in Holocaust Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, where I also completed my undergraduate studies in English and Classics.  

I’m interested in history, human rights issues and photography – especially the uses of photography in museum exhibitions. Outside of visiting museums, I love going to the theatre, travelling and doing beach walks with my two dogs!

My dream job is to be a curator in a history museum, or at least to be working with museums in some capacity. My favourite museum (although this changes daily!) is the Migration Museum in London. The way they’ve utilised the little space they have is clever. Being able to follow the history of and attitudes towards migration from the Huguenots to the present day is very valuable and necessary. It’s not something I’ve seen in other museums.

The biggest issue facing girls that I know is having the confidence to believe that they can achieve everything that they want to. Many of these young girls are incredibly intelligent and all have something that they are passionate about. They need the encouragement from society to have belief in their own ability in whatever sphere they want to contribute.

-Niamh Hanrahan
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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