Sadie Dallas as a girl
Sadie Dallas

Hey, I’m Sadie, I am from England and last year I graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in History. I really enjoyed my degree and university was one of the best times of my life even though I didn’t want to go in the first place, I’m so glad I went in the end! I especially love social and cultural history and loved learning about various cultural issues such as women’s rights and racial discrimination such as the Windrush Generation. I have a love for different cultures and am really interested in studying them which I believe stemmed from my mixed cultural background. My mother is Indian and my father is Irish, a very strange mix I know, thus I have had a different upbringing where my Indian heritage has been mixed with a British upbringing.

I’m such an avid book reader and love getting lost in books as well as crafts such as painting, especially portraiture in oil paint and recently due to the lockdowns in Britain I have taken up clay sculpting. I have had to become accustomed to this though as it is a lot harder than it looks which has meant many ‘sculptures’ have ended up in the bin. Recently, I took a sign language course online and loved it, so I think this has opened up a new interest in me and I am looking into completing the qualifications for this as I would love to have this as a skill and potential job route.

My dream job changes daily haha. However, I would absolutely love a job that deals with climate change and sustainability as this is a huge interest/concern of mine and I want the opportunity to work a part of the challenge against the climate crisis. This links directly to the sector I aim to work in as I want to be able to work in the charity/non-profit sector as I want to be able to create a positive change and use my career to gain the skills to do so. I also love research thus a job researching different social/cultural issues would be a dream as throughout my degree I had to do so much research which I found the most interesting but also relaxing aspect to it.

One of my big hobbies is art. I love visiting different art museums with friends and seeing how art differs so much. A favourite of mine would have to be the National Portrait Gallery in London. This may be cliche, however I love painting portraits and find it fascinating how portraits have changed over time and how they were constructed years ago. I also think it’s due to the grand nature of the gallery which adds to the overall excitement of visiting it.

There are still so many issues facing girls I know. Too many, yet one that stands out to me and gets on my nerves is the double standard that we still have in the 21st century. This applies to many aspects of life, such as within work and our personal lives e.g. sex. There is such a stigma around how many people women have slept with, yet this is disregarded when it comes to men. This changes the opinions others have of these women, yet it simply has nothing to do with them and someone’s sexual history has nothing to do with everyone else as long as it’s not harming others. Hopefully over time this will come to diminish as there is more sexual liberation, yet more needs to be done to create less negative attitudes towards women’s sexuality.

-Sadie Dallas
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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