Photo Courtesy of Sian Mariel Legaspi.

Kamusta! My name is Sian, born and raised in the Philippines. Currently resides in Melbourne, Australia to continue the next chapter of my life. I’m a recent graduate of Bachelors of Creative Arts: Visual Communication Design at Deakin University. I enjoy using design as a tool for creative communication. During my tertiary studies, I had an opportunity to explore gender and globalisation issues. It is interesting, complex and a significant discussion to understand our modern society in relation to gender identity.

I make art and explore different genres of music during my spare time. Sometimes, when my creativity bar is empty, I play with my guitar and sing songs to get back to my creative zone. Gaming is another hobby of mine that helps me relax and develops my problem-solving skills. I also love visiting art museums and I am grateful to live in the wonderful city of Melbourne. The city has so much history and interesting places to visit. All these things contribute to my design work, I get inspiration with the environment I place myself in.

My career path is still an experimental road for me and so my dream job is still uncertain. However, one thing is for sure, I hope to continue contributing my skills for a good cause.

One of my favourite museums is Museo Pambata, which directly translates to the Children’s Museum, situated in Manila, Philippines. The museum is targeted for a younger audience and aims to create a learning space that is engaging and fun. The space has an interactive environment for the children to explore. Visiting this place when I was young sparked interest to numerous subjects such as science, arts, music, and history. I wish to revisit it someday and absorb the childhood nostalgia.  

The biggest issue that I still see that needs to be more discussed is gender norms. Society forcing stereotype roles to children. Gender norms are often seen at children’s toys and clothing. Girls’ are associated mostly with pink, dresses or butterflies. Challenging gender norms would hopefully be an issue that girls would learn to overcome.   

-Sian Mariel Legaspi
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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