Hi everyone! My name is Alysha. I am from San Rafael, California, about twenty minutes north
of San Francisco. I am a junior at a public high school. I have loved going to museums ever since
I was little, and I think because of that, I have developed such a strong interest in museums. I
love museums because I find them to be the most fascinating places to learn about the past and
the future. My dream job is to become a museum curator. I once heard someone describe their
experience working as a curator to be like finding themselves living history, and I think that
would be such an amazing feeling indeed! I believe that no matter where we are from or how
different we appear to be from each other, we share many similarities when we observe and
study the arts and history. Museums serve as a special place to bring humankind together.

My favorite museum is the California Academy of Sciences Museum in San Francisco. This
museum has been the designated school field trip location for my first to fifth grade of schooling
every year. Being there felt just like home, and I even asked my parents to bring me there when
school was not in session. Besides the sentimental feeling, it being one of the largest natural
history museums in the world is like a gigantic book that covers all the most exciting topics to
me. A wide variety of exhibits are shown there, and I got to learn about the universe, the
earthquake, the evolution of humans, marine life, and the rainforest, to name a few. Every
museum has its unique aspects, and I hope to get the opportunity to explore all the different
museums in the years to come.

It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Girl Museum! The biggest issue girls facing today is
trying to fit in with others instead of being who they are. Girl Museum provides a beautiful space
for girls to expand their horizons. By learning the history and accomplishments of all the women
before us, it gives us the inspiration and drive to be unique and do great things ourselves too!
Thank you to Girl Museum for creating this wonderful space where we can celebrate girlhood
around the world!

-Alysha Lee
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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