Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I live in Brighton in the Southeast of England. I studied the History of Fashion and Dress at the University of Brighton, and I am currently completing my masters there studying the History of Design and Material Culture. I am currently undertaking research for my dissertation which explores the rise of retro fashion during the 21st Century, seen in popular television shows like Sex Education and Stranger Things.

Studying fashion history, the majority of topics we look at focus on women, therefore they are always at the forefront of my work. Within this, I strive to diversify my work and look intersectionally at the treatment of women. Recently I have completed essays surrounding representations of Jewish women in Holocaust films, racism and colourism within Black women’s hair, and the influence of the costumes in the film Clueless!

Outside of university, I enjoy going pottery painting, and I have recently taken up sea swimming at Brighton Beach! My main hobby is visiting museums and art galleries. I regularly go on trips to London with my friends to try and visit more obscure places and exhibitions, with a recent treat being the Postal Museum in central London – I never expected the postal system in the UK to be so interesting!

It is hard to pick just one museum as my favourite, but I would have to go with the V&A Museum in South Kensington, London. It is the first art and design based museum I visited that I truly appreciated, and its spectacular exhibitions were what inspired me to study at university and influence my future career goals.

Ultimately, my dream role would be working in a museum, gallery or archive. In particular, I would love to work closely with collections and helping to look after and preserve objects for future generations to research and enjoy.

When thinking about issues girls face regularly, the most popular topic of conversation amongst my friends recently has been the harassment girls face daily. We struggle to even leave our homes and complete mundane tasks such as food shopping without being catcalled, objectified and just bothered by men on the street. Its not fair that even in the 21stcentury, we’re still getting the same advice of walking in groups or being escorted by men late at night, and having to constantly think of how we can defend ourselves. I live for the day when girls and women alike can walk home carefree!

-Sarah Carnall
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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