Hola hola (that’s all the Spanish I speak). I’m Ada. From and frequent returnee to Nigeria, and I currently live and work in London as an arts administrator and writer. As of January, I’m officially a two-degree hottie and heavily considering a PhD in Museum Education and Public Programming. I’m particularly interested in interdisciplinary arts programming as a tool for learning and hope to have a guest lecturer position in the next few years.

My museum and arts experiences are largely inspired by past academic mentors and lecturers. Dr. Guy and Dr. Zenner have sort of unlocked in me a new way of fusing arts engagement with learning and I’m forever grateful to them for what feels like a purposeful discovery.  I’m a big fan of live music and generally going to the cinema, both are a great way to get your steps in while having a good time. 

One of my favourite museums is more of an experience that I want to embody in my practices going forward – The Salooni. A Ugandan multidisciplinary quartet, they used writing, photography and music to create community programmes and reframe the politics of Black hair through a series of curated salon experiences.

Learning of The Salooni has been a foundational experience that has influenced my career and interests in the expanse of the museum and the ways multiple art forms can be accommodated by the museum as nuanced learning experiences. It’s pretty great.

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