As Girl Museum newly focuses on contemporary art and voices, we are thrilled to present Breathing Lessons: Art and Poetry from darlene anita scott. This new exhibition grapples with racism and sexism and has many pieces of mixed media art and poetry that delve into those issues.

From her biography, she “explores the corporeal performance of trauma and the violence of silence. In this multimedia work, she explores the journey of good girls of color and how they navigate a role rarely assigned to them. Visual work from this collection has appeared in journals including Star 82 Review and Hot Metal Bridge. Recent poetry has appeared in J Journal: New Writing on Justice and S/Word. scott lives and teaches in Richmond, Virginia.”

You can find more of her work here:

Enjoy the exhibition, and be sure and head over to our Guest Wall after viewing to share your thoughts. Comment and share on social media as well, because we would love to know what you think of Breathing Lessons!

-Sage Daugherty
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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