PlayingNicePlaying Nice by Rebekah Crane is a thrilling novel about two girls, Lil and Marty, who are complete opposites. It is not just a story of how their friendship came to be, but also about teenagers who have the odds stacked against them and how they prevail together. They struggle with their parents, who always seem to know best, old friends, rumors, and the constant worry of boys.

Rebekah Crane does a stunning job of keeping the characters accurate for any teen reader trying to relate to the book. You laugh along when Lil makes her sly remarks and at Marty’s innocence. You understand the poetry that gives the book a deeper meaning and cry when Marty and Lil realize their mistakes. Most importantly, you fall in love right along side Marty. Everyone wants a story that they can relate to and that portrays teenagers correctly, and that is Playing Nice.

Lil and Marty learn to overcome their differences and leave other people’s opinions behind. This young adult novel is the perfect book to read, whether it be for school, a club or for pleasure. No matter what, this novel will take you on a journey. For some, back to high school, the best years, and for others it will be the journey you are on right now. Witty, hilarious, romantic and realistic, it is a must-read.

Maggie Tugend – 15 years old

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