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GirlSpeak is a monthly podcast about girls' history, art, and culture.  We explore topics like how girls are represented in art and museums, mythological stories and folktales, our favorite stories about awesome girls, and special topics related to our exhibitions and programs.

If you have an idea for a story, a person to interview, or a piece of artwork you would like explored, send us an email.

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Recommended Podcasts

There are many podcasts streaming today.  We've rounded up podcasts - either as series or specific episodes - that we absolutely love.  If you know of one we should add, let us know.


Teen Screen Feminism

Run by Dr. Athena Bellas of the University of Melbourne, this podcast series explores feminism, popular film and television, and girlhood.

We highly recommend checking out two podcasts which featured Junior Girl Emily Chandler:

Listen to Teen Screen Feminism on iTunes, or check out the Teen Screen Feminism blog for more information.


Footnoting History

Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge runs this bi-weekly podcast dedicated to overlooked, unknown, and exciting stories from the footnotes of history.  Her episodes include the stories of:

  • 15-year-old Evelyn Nesbit and the Crime of the Century.
  • What happened to Josephine after Emperor Napoleon divorced her.
  • The "Sister Queen" of Elizabeth I and her sad end.
  • Kate Marsden, who traversed thousands of miles to ameliorate the lot of lepers.
  • The week in an insane asylum that changed mental health in America forever.
  • Sichelgaita of Salerno, who turned the tide of battle at Dyrrachium.
  • Mary Buckland, a silent contributor to science and geology.
  • A sixth-century Gepid princess.
  • The exciting (and little known) tale of adventuress Katchen Paulus.
  • A swashbuckling seventeenth-century opera singer.
  • Joanna I of Naples, who remains one of the most controversial women in history.

Find past episodes and subscribe on iTunes, or visit their website.


Radio Diaries

Recounting the extraordinary stories of ordinary life, this podcast invites people to report on their own lives and histories.  The series has won every major award in broadcast journalism and has been a mainstay on public radio since 1996.  Many of their episodes feature the stories of girls and women.  Subscribe on iTunes or visit their website.


Stuff You Missed in History Class

Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey co-host this podcast series by, which explores various histories from around the world.  Episodes range from ancient queens to episodes from well-known time periods and major cultures in history.  Subscribe on iTunes or visit their website.


The History Chicks

Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider produce and narrate hour-long episodes that explore female characters in history, both factual and fictional.  They look at the challenges, failures and successes, times, and juicy tidbits about women's lives while giving listeners avenues to continue exploring on their own.  Subscribe on iTunes or visit their website.


The Memory Palace

A storytelling podcast and public radio segment, The Memory Palace is produced by Nate DiMeo.  It was a finalist for the Peabody Award in 2016. 

10 - International Brotherhood of Mothers discusses  Mother's Day, which was founded by Anna Jarvis as a day to promote social justice.

14 - The Messrs. Craft tells the story of Ellen Craft, the child of a female slave and a male slave owner, who disguised herself as a white man in order to get her and her husband to freedom.

27 - The Sisters Fox discusses the lives of Margaret and Kate Fox, who convinced America that they could contact the dead.

37 - Natural Curiosity tells the story of P.T. Barnum's career...and how it all started with a woman named Joice Heth, the "mammy" of George Washington.

40 - Crazy Bet tells the story of abolitionist Elizabeth Van Lew, who operated an extensive spy ring on behalf of the Union during the American Civil War.

41 - Mary, Mary, and Mercy uncovers the supernatural tale of George Brown's family brought about by successive deaths on their farm in Rhode Island in 1893.

46 - After Party discusses the experiences of pioneer families, including Eliza Donna, who was part of the Donner Party.

59 - Harriet Quimby was a writer who became the first American woman to get her pilot's license and become a traveling daredevil.

60 - 400,000 Stars tells the story of Wilhelmina Flemming, the maid of Edward Pickering and the first woman in "Pickering's harem" of female astronomers.

61 - Glowing Orbs uncovers the experiences of Annie Glenn, wife of an astronaut.

76 - Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted discusses the story of Mary Walker, who worked as an unconventional fashionista and doctor during the American Civil War.

78 - no. 116,842 tells the story of Margaret Knight, a 12-year-old worker in the Manchester cotton mills, who became the first woman to be issued a patent in America.

79 - Artist in the Landscape tells the story of Lucy Bakewell, the wife of John James Audubon.

Gallery 742 uncovers how a woman named Arabella rose from an unknown immigrant to become one of the most well-known society ladies of her time.

84 - Homesteading tells the story of Mary Juma, an immigrant from Syria who settled in Ross, North Dakota in 1901.

91 - Natural Habitat explores the life of Ruth Harkness, who brought back the first live giant panda to the United States.

93 - Local Channels tells the story of Florence Chadwick, An American swimmer who became the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions.

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