Portrait of a Girl. Albrecht Durer, 1515. Staatliche Museen, Berlin (WikiCommons).

Albrecht Durer was a German painter, print maker, engraver, and mathematician. He was the first artist outside of the Italian Renaissance to gain the status of international celebrity. His work is heavily detailed, and he drew inspiration from the art of the Italian Renaissance and was most adept at engravings and woodcuttings as opposed to painting.

In this portrait, dated ca. 1515, Durer has captured the image of a young girl who sits in a relaxed manner, with her eyes gazing off into the distance in a sleepy expression. Her hair appears to be in one small braid, falling down her back, while she also appears to be wearing some sort of headband.

While the clothes and torso are unfinished, the head is almost too detailed to have been invented and Durer primarily worked off of commissions, so unlikely that this was just a sketch. However, nothing is known of this girl, even who she was. There are quite a few portraits by Durer with unnamed subjects.

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