Sexual violence is everywhere and affects everyone, irrespective of gender, background, class, or education. One reason this terrible cycle is so hard to break is because it is often shrouded in silence and invisibility.
PostViolence is an online space to discuss, encourage, and celebrate the capability of victims of sexual violence to get out of and heal from this terribly common cycle of violence.
PostViolence aims to offer a safe, creative, and educational space for people to express their experiences, encouraging healing, recognition, and realization.
Taking the lead from PostSecret, PostViolence encourages the anonymous sharing of stories and experiences through imagery and text in the hopes that such a “post” may help the creator heal “post”-violence, inspire others in similar situations to seek safety and reach a state of “post”-violence, and to educate victims and non-victims about the personal side of such an insidious problem across societies.
PostViolence is a creative project started by Girl Museum to participate in and celebrate One Billion Rising, a global movement to end sexual violence.
If you or someone you know is interested in contributing, the details can be found here.

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