Gamer Girl button largeIn preparation for our newest exhibition,¬†Gamer Girl, which launches Friday, we’re excited to announce not one, but two podcasts! The first one features¬†Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits, a YouTube series about gaming. In it, Daniel talks about Extra Credits and what they do, and why diversity in gaming is so important. Be sure to check it out!

Our regular mid-month podcast is–like the exhibition!–entitled Gamer Girl, and in it, Program Developer and  Gamer Girl Curator Tiffany Rhodes explores girls, gaming, and girl characters in video games. You can listen to that one on Podbean here.

Don’t miss a single Girl Museum podcast by subscribing in¬†iTunes, or if you prefer, you can listen to all our past (and future!) episodes at Podbean. If you want to hear more girl-centric podcasts, please consider becoming a patron.

Sit back, grab a controller, and get ready for Gamer Girl to start on Friday, August 14th!

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