A woman who had a big influence on my thoughts and attitudes growing up, which remain with me to this day, is Diana Princess of Wales. I was only young when Diana tragically passed away and yet she had a massive impact on me and I will forever remain in awe of her.

She was always impeccably dressed and looked gorgeous in everything from fancy ball gowns to power suits. Diana never faltered in the way she conducted herself, no matter what was going on in her private life, and always had time to speak to everyone she’d meet. I honestly admire that about her she always had time for anyone no matter their class, race or gender. Diana was an advocate and voice for so many diverse and wonderful charities throughout her short life.

She was such a strong, amazing woman who taught me that females do matter, we are important and we should be treated as such. Diana is a woman I aspire to be. She came a long way through an unhappy marriage, media speculation and into the People’s Princess. Diana you really helped shape my future self and for that I owe you so much,

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