Heroines Quilt I

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Girl Museum invites the public to submit their girlhood heroines for the Heroines Quilt project. Every even year, starting in 2010, the submissions are showcased in a new exhibition. Taken together, these exhibits create a myriad of quilts that document girlhood heroines and the lasting impact they have on our lives. 

Heroines Quilt I features the heroines submitted for our 2010 quilt. Out of 29 separate entries (since we had several Amelia Earhart’s), 2/3 of the submissions were real people, which we were happy to learn. Yet of those, only 2 were family members and the rest were famous. Of the fictional characters that we looked up to, about half had extraordinary powers of some kind. 

Girl Museum would like to extend special thanks for a job well done to our team: Eva M. Olsgard, Lara Band, and Miriam Musco.

Essie Shor

Essie Shor

While just about everyone has heard the story of Anne Frank, how many have ever heard of Essie Shor and her story as a teenage fighter with the Bielski Partisans?

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