Heroines Quilt II

This quilt is in honor of girls and their heroines everywhere. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month 2010, Girl Museum invited the public to submit their girlhood heroines for the 31 Heroines of March project. This year we have done it again. 

Each day, a new heroine was featured on our blog with an image and short essay. Our goal was to create a virtual Heroines Quilt made up of everyone’s stories. Here is our virtual Heroines Quilt for 2012. 

You can scroll through the Quilt in order or select random pictures to reveal the story behind the heroine—the choice is yours!

 Girl Museum would like to extend special thanks for a job well done to:

Designer: Alexandra Collinson,

Curator: Marisa,

Curriculum: Jessica Galley, and

Blog: Katie Weidmann.

31 Heroines of March 2012: Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette - Tragic Princess As a girl of ten, I was hardly interested in that do-gooder Nancy Drew. Sure, she was smart, clever, and resourceful. But still, where was the tragedy or the romance that, in my mind, was every woman’s destiny? My heroine was cut...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Marie Curie

Marie Curie - Chemist, Nobel Winner and Legend One of ladies who inspired awe in me as a young girl was the famous chemist and physicist Marie Curie. I never knew much about Marie's life, but she appeared on the pages of my chemistry study when I was at school. This...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Suse Ochs

Suse Ochs - Inspirational Roommate My college roommate Suse (Susan Leigh Skinner Ochs-Scher) from 20 years ago, I remember used to read bridal magazines and go to Pro-Choice rallies. Suse is my heroine because she has always been able to match wit and lightheartedness...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Chiara Benzoni

Chiara L. - Trailblazing Teacher and Mother My heroine is Chiara. As the first of four children born in a family with limited means, she was destined to go into a manual trade right after the fifth grade. She fought and worked hard for her right to an education and...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Norah Linton

Norah Linton - Brave Australian Bush Girl Out of the many fictional girlhood characters that I met with over my childhood reading years, it is Norah Linton of Billabong Station that has remained my constant companion and friend. A construction of the lesser known...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Imaginative Writer and Famed Author To say that Lucy Maud Montgomery is the most famous female author in Canada is an understatement - she is an international phenomenon. She was born in 1874 on Prince Edward Island. After her mother’s death...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Ellie Linton

Ellie Linton - Farm Girl and Brave Leade In my girlhood, I was inspired by Ellie Linton from Tomorrow, When the War Began, the first book in the "Tomorrow" series by John Marsden. When I was young I read this series and fell in love with the character of Ellie. She is...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Scarlett O’Hara

Scarlett O’Hara - Southern Belle with Backbone I didn’t really have a heroine growing up, but I loved Scarlett O’Hara. Being a southern woman during the time of the Civil War she had to make huge sacrifices and be very strong to keep herself and some of her...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Harrison – Tough and Intelligent Mathematics Teacher My childhood heroine was/is my secondary school mathematics teacher—Mrs. Harrison. She inspired me in many ways, mainly for the kind of person she was. When she was in school it was quite unusual for a...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Tina Fey

Tina Fey – Comedienne and Role Model Fearless. Probably not the word most commonly associated with comedians; however, it is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Tina Fey.  She is my heroine. For as long as I can remember the female ideal for comedy...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson – Poet, Prolific and Reclusive My childhood heroine was 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson. For a school project when I was around 10, I had to dress up as a literary figure (or maybe we just had to dress up as a famous person and I CHOSE a...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie – Care-free Friend and Childhood Companion My childhood hero, the picture of happiness and health, was none other than Holly Hobbie. I loved her so much. Back in the 70s, you had to wait for birthdays and Christmas to get gifts. Our childhood demands...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Robyn Kahukiwa

Robyn Kahukiwa – Māori Artist and Icon I have always found Robyn’s work inspiring. I was first introduced to it while I was studying at Victoria University. I was a young Māori woman discovering my Māori heritage and exposed to issues I had never thought about...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Elizabeth Patterson Nall

Elizabeth Patterson Nall — Wise Woman and Enlightened Grandmother My grandmother was my heroine. Born in a patriarchal era with very narrow confines of what women could do and be, she defied them all. She beat the odds and became an emancipated, enlightened, wise...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Kristi Yamaguchi

Kristi Yamaguchi — Olympian and Champion As a young female roller skater from Upper Hutt, Kristi Yamaguchi was my ultimate idol. Her grace and elegance on the rink was flawless, her costumes and routines were stunning, and her attitude was inspiring. However, it...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Grandma Velia

Grandma Velia — The Quintessential Abuela Grandma Velia.  She was my relative, my friend, and my inspiration.  Born 23 April 1923, she was raised in Los Angeles, California by her Mexican immigrant parents.  Second in the brood of five, all others boys, Velia...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Artemesia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi – Inspirational Survivor and Painter When I read The Passion of Artemisia, Susan Vreeland’s fictionalised account of Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, I found a true-life heroine. Artemisia worked in a man’s world, where women...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Suzyn Waldman

Suzyn Waldman – Thick-Skinned Baseball Commentator I grew up as the daughter of two die-hard Yankees fans, so it was almost inevitable that I too would come to cheer for the ‘Bronx Bombers.’ And since I was an only child, my dad had no choice but to pass his...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Dorothy Mavis Carter

Dorothy Mavis Carter – Positive Spirit and Beloved Grandmother Dorothy Mavis Carter, aged 93, is my beloved grandmother. It amazes me how much she has seen change in her lifetime and yet it hasn’t fazed how she sees the world. She has moved with the times and is...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Isabell Fraser

Isabell Fraser – Resilient and Determined Mother My mum Isabell Fraser is 87 years old and partially blind with macular degeneration. She lives in a self-contained cottage in a Cambridge rest home. My dad died 16 months ago—only a few months shy of their 65th...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls – Girl Power x 5 I had not one heroine when I was growing up, but five strong women: Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Victoria Beckham (née Adams), also known as ‘The Spice Girls.’ When they appeared out of...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Lightning (Gladiator)

Lightning – Powerful Gladiator and Successful Competitor A phenomenon swept across Britain, dominating television screens on Saturday nights from 1992 until 2000—the show was Gladiators. For those unfamiliar with the format, each week 4 contenders (2 female and 2...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn – Ambitious Queen, Hopeless Romantic My heroine is Anne Boleyn. She is often seen as a villain who betrayed both her husband, King Henry VIII of England, and her sister, Mary Boleyn. Yet she was forced to abandon her one true love and was constantly at...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: She-Ra

She-Ra – Animated Princess of Power It’s very easy, and not altogether untrue, to dismiss She-Ra and her twin brother He-Man as mere products specifically designed to target their demographic audiences. One only has to look at She-Ra’s animal sidekick, a talking...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Sue Weidmann

Sue Weidmann – Super Mom My mother was the primary earner for my family until I was about six years old. Every morning she made me breakfast, took me to school, and went to work. I know it can be emotionally draining as a social worker, but she rarely let that show....

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking – Original Bohemian Girl When I think back of my girlhood I cannot disregard the marked impact that Pippi Longstocking had on me. The nine-year-old girl came to life through television and movies from the children's books of Swedish author...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger – Witch Extraordinaire Is there any better role model for girls than Hermione Granger? As a child, I always had my nose in a book. I loved tales of adventure and when I read the first Harry Potter book at age 8, Hermione was a revelation. Here,...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: The Baby Sitters Club

The Baby Sitters Club – Friends and Young Entrepreneurs In 1996 at 10 years old I discovered Kristy, Mary-Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Jesse and Mallory – collectively known as the Baby Sitters Club (or BSC). The BSC were a group of early teenage girls who,...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Eve

Eve – First Woman, Wife, and Mother This may sound strange coming from an archaeologist, but when I was younger, one of my heroines was Eve, as in ‘The First Eve.’ I grew up in a Christian family and although my parents were not really strict, I have never been...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Vera Brittain

Vera Brittain – Strong Woman, Nurse, and Author I had never felt the impact of the First World War so keenly as when I first read Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth. Learning of the devastating impact of the war from the perspective of this young woman brought it...

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31 Heroines of March 2012: Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews – Harmonious Actress: Nun, Nanny, and Queen A badly kept life secret is that I always wanted to be a Broadway baby--a big, belting, bawdy diva. How does a mild-mannered moppet go from idolizing Anne Frank to wanting to become Ethel Merman? Well, my...

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