Heroines Quilt II

This quilt is in honor of girls and their heroines everywhere. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month 2010, Girl Museum invited the public to submit their girlhood heroines for the 31 Heroines of March project. This year we have done it again. 

Each day, a new heroine was featured on our blog with an image and short essay. Our goal was to create a virtual Heroines Quilt made up of everyone’s stories. Here is our virtual Heroines Quilt for 2012. 

You can scroll through the Quilt in order or select random pictures to reveal the story behind the heroine—the choice is yours!

Girl Museum would like to extend special thanks for a job well done to our designer, Alexandra Collinson; curator Marisa Lindholm; curriculum by Jessica Galley, and editor Katie Weidmann.

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