Why I Game


Why do you game?  How has gaming positively impacted your life?  

“Why I Game” is part of our Gamer Girl exhibit, which explores the history and contemporary culture of girls and women who make and play games.  The gallery below features individual stories from gamers around the world whose lives have been inspired and empowered through gaming.

Share your story!  Send us an e-mail with: (1) your name, (2) your country, (3) your answer to the question “Why do you game?”, and (4) a picture (of yourself, an avatar, or favorite game character).  Contributions are accepted and posted on a rolling basis.

Why I Game: Kenia

I game for so many reasons, sometimes it's to relax and not think about real life for a bit, but there are days when I love slipping on my headset and killing skags in the borderlands with my friends - complaining about tough bosses and laughing at the ridiculous...

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Why I Game: Kylie

It all began when I was a child. I was given an original Game Boy by my gamer uncle at the age of 2 and I was hooked instantly (although I don't recall knowing how to win the games, I just enjoyed fiddling with the buttons and causing the tiny box to make noise). My...

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Why I Game: Inquisitor Aura

                            I game because I am a writer, and video games tell some of the most complex and surprising stories I have ever encountered. I game because I love the idea of living a...

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Why I Game: Stephanie Edwards

I play a lot of puzzle-based games, because I get bored easily, and puzzles really help occupy my brain. But I also game because games are filled with amazing stories and worlds, and I can’t imagine not wanting to take part in those. -Stephanie Edwards United...

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Why I Game: Erika

I game because it’s fun! I am a visual and hands on person so gaming is perfect for me. Also, I love being able to escape real life and explore fantastical worlds and feel like an important person who can do anything. -Erika United States

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Why I Game: Fen

Well, when I was young, my mother thought that if she allowed my brother and I to play video games then our brains would rot (or whatever junk the media fed parents back in the 90s). However, my nan thought video games were great, and bought a SNES for all her...

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Why I Game: Jamie Stewart

I game because I think it’s the entertainment medium with the most potential for diverse storytelling. Video games have allowed me to achieve a sense of escapism moreso than any film or television show. In doing that, they have helped me become more creative and...

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Why I Game: Rebecca Schmieman

    I game because it allows me to live more lives than my own. To be able to see what life would be like as Commander Shepard or a farm girl moving to mineral town ‚Äì the countless stories being told through video games that I can witness and shape allows...

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Why I Game: Tiffany Rhoades

One Christmas, I woke up to find a brand new Playstation 2 under the Christmas tree – with my name on it. It came with one of my favorite games of all-time: Burnout 2. That day, we hooked it up to the TV and my family spent hours laughing as we competed to be the...

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Why I Game: Whitney (BlackEssence)

  It all started back in 1989 when I was just a two year old little girl. My older brother and I got the newly released GameBoy system by Nintendo that came with the game ‚ÄúBalloon Kid.‚Äù That started a life long journey of gaming and using gaming as a way to...

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Why I Game: Jojo of Player Two

My first memory is of sitting in my parent's basement at 3 years old, playing Super Mario Brothers and other titles on the Super NES. I grew up in a normal, middle-class suburban neighborhood as one of three children. My older brother, who is 4 years older than me,...

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