Metis at Mackinac

Through their multicultural identity, metis girls forged a path that blurred cultural and gender norms while granting them agency in a time when girls had few such opportunities. Yet their stories have largely remained silent. At Mackinac, they are finally coming to light.

Girl Authors

Girl Authors explores the literary depth and creativity of girls throughout history. We also explore the issues surrounding girl authors – from determining their ages to ensuring their works are preserved for future generations.

More than Pretty

As humans, we are united by having bodies to travel through our lives and faces to communicate with others. However, we are individuals with different personalities, individual will, and choices about how to express that individuality.  We conform, we...

Girl Child of India

What is it like being a girl in India?

Girls make up just over 48% of the over 1.2 billion people living in the sub-continent. Their family size, income, social class, religion and where they live has everything to do with shaping each girl’s’ existence.

This exhibition is comprised of artworks, photographs, and poetry by and about girls in India. These objects include works by artist Anjali Sinha, drawings and poems by Apne Aap girls, and other photographs, paintings, and artistic activities. Together, they provide a window into the general thoughts and spaces girls of India inhabit. Journey with us to uncover their stories.

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