Power of She

The Power of She brings female deities from around the world into the limelight, focusing as much as possible on those that are lesser known in regions around the world. Discover the incredibly diverse heritage of female deities and how their mythologies have shaped girlhood around the world.

Better Together: Girl Groups

Better Together: Girl Groups explores the history, spread and purpose of female-only youth groups around the world. How and why did they begin? What activities do they do? What is their purpose in the 21st century? Through first-hand accounts, material culture, academic literature and case studies, we discover the importance of these organisations within select societies worldwide.

Classical Girls

What was life like for a girl in Classical Greece and Rome?

Classical Greece and Rome are portrayed as the start of Western Civilization. During the period from 500 BCE to 250 CE, these civilizations flourished – bringing about achievements in fields like art, medicine, and philosophy that continue to influence us today. Evidence about young girls in these civilizations can readily be found. Yet many museums have yet to reveal their stories. In this exhibit, we bring the girls of Classical Greece and Rome to life – showing how their daily lives were similar and different, both from each other and from our modern lives. Travel back with us to these heralds of Western civilization, and discover the surprisingly complex lives of girls.

Madchen des Kindertransport

Nearly everyday, we see images of refugee children, some of whom have travelled by themselves to get away from their war torn countries in search of better lives. It is heart wrenching to see their deprivation. Can we do more? These are not the first children to...

Warrior Princess

It’s a dilemma that girls have faced for centuries. Dictated by society to be a princess or delicate flower, girls have faced a world that does not expect – or even want – them to be strong warriors. Yet history and pop culture hint that there are far more warrior women than we have been led to believe.

So we went on a search for the most butt-kicking, incredible girls we could find. We set ought to discover girls who have embodied what it means to be warriors, especially those who were royalty, in history, mythology, literature, and popular culture. We were hoping to find at least 30 women who embodied what it means to be a “warrior princess.”

We found over 200.

Now, join us to uncover the lives and legacies of these incredible girls. Welcome to Warrior Princess.

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