The selected works explore the feeling of disconnection, of having to redefine and re-examine identity in light of new environments. Whether it is missing their country of birth, a longing for new surroundings, or a desire to connect to a sense of ‘home’, each artist sheds light on the attempt to find grounding in times of instability. While some speak to the ways in which perceptions of the female experience can differ depending on societal contexts and norms, all show how individual expression can act as a medium through which solace can be found.

Blue Monster

This exhibition explores the experiences of refugee girls through art and poetry by Kim Abi Zeid Daou.

CUSP: At the Edge of Girlhood

What are modern experiences of the transition from girlhood to womanhood? In CUSP, a sculptor and three photographers consider this period of transition and document its boundary-blurring state.

Girls of Women

Girl Museum is all about celebrating girls in the world. Through their achievements, strength, and resolve, we honor their power to create themselves and change the future. Every March, Women’s History is remembered throughout the world. We are commemorating 2019 with...

Gazed and Confused

Gazed and Confused is not about a specific type of girlhood. We include a variety of styles and subjects as rich and diverse as the audience that Girl Museum represents. Just like real girls all over the world, each artist has contributed something which reflects her own experiences and inspirations. Together, they provide a compelling cultural commentary on how we choose to remember and give life to girlhood experiences.

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