Queerness and Girlhood

There is something queer about being a little girl. Certainly there is much expected of girlhood, but one of its most interesting spaces is that of secrecy, of what it looks like for girls to share space without needing to perform. As we break down understandings of...

Metis at Mackinac

Through their multicultural identity, metis girls forged a path that blurred cultural and gender norms while granting them agency in a time when girls had few such opportunities. Yet their stories have largely remained silent. At Mackinac, they are finally coming to light.

Female Gaze

We’re accustomed to seeing ourselves through the lens of the male gaze – both through art and through other male-oriented parameters of societal expectation and decorum. In this series, we sought submissions of original artwork from female artists that focus on female perception and female gaze, to offer a view of the world through the eyes of its young womxn.

Girl Authors

Girl Authors explores the literary depth and creativity of girls throughout history. We also explore the issues surrounding girl authors – from determining their ages to ensuring their works are preserved for future generations.

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