Gamer Girl

Today, games are everywhere — and so are gamers. They’re engaging, social, tech-savvy and goal-oriented people with a real drive to improve themselves and the world around them. They connect with fellow gamers, in-game and in real life, and participate in making and playing games that have lasting social impacts.

But if this is who the “new gamers” are, why is there still a problem for girls in gaming?


If we think about the sciences and arts, they are really very similar. All require dedication, creativity, ingenuity, and curiosity. They require making connections and integrating parts into a whole — a talent that most girls have. When given the opportunity to combine and flourish, these skills can help us create a better, more colorful world.

Celebrating Girl Up

Celebrating Girl Up Measured in population or distance, we live in a very big world. And for girls, it can be a dangerous place. Making a difference in our own communities is hard, let alone in a faraway country. Yet there are amazing, confident, and strong-willed...

STEM Girls

The gender disparity in STEM professions around the world is an increasing problem. This keeps many girls from realizing their passions and achieving their full potential. Learn how you can help address the gender gap in our latest exhibition!

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