For our upcoming exhibition, “I Am A Girl,” we worked with non-profits to seek semi-anonymous answers from girls and women around the world that explore identity as a girl. Participants were asked to give their first name and age, and then answer questions about their experiences of girlhood. Read on to find out what they said.

What does being a “girl” mean to you?

To show the world that black girls can do anything

What is your favorite thing about being a “girl”?

What I love about being a girl is to empower other who look like me and tell them empowering girls.

What is something about being a “girl” that you wish more people knew about?

That we shouldnt always obey somebody/man and to be quiet.

How would you say society views girlhood in your country?

They think we are a sult or a disgrace to the world.

Can you think of and describe a defining moment of your girlhood? Perhaps a time when you felt a strong connection to being a “girl” or when you felt distanced from the way society expects “girls” to be.

I felt strong when I was racing a guy, and this boy said you cant let a girl bet you. I really didnt like that comment but I still bet him and gave him a death stare at the end of practice.

Do you have any more thoughts you would like to add about “girls/girlhood”?

I love being a girl but not any type of girl a BLACK GIRL!

Responses by Asani, 13

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