While many of us are still reeling from the unthinkable outcome of the US general election, it is vital not miss a moment sulking and keep fighting. The struggle against misogyny, ignorance and hate is still the same and will now be even harder.

‘How could this have happened?’ many are asking themselves today.
It is small consolation that only half the voting public turned up. So only 25% of Americans made this choice, hardly a mandate.

Yet the result remains regardless of how or why.

Americans must take stock. Is this who we are?
If so, then we need to work on that basis to change what is deeply wrong.
It grieves me to believe it is so.

There were victories.
There are three Asian-American women now elected to the US Senate.
The first Indian-American woman was elected to the US House of Representatives.
A Somali-America Muslim woman won a seat in the Minnesota House.
An openly LGBT woman was elected Governor of Oregon.
But American women and minorities still remain woefully underrepresented.

At Girl Museum, we are unwaveringly pro-girl. Because pro-girl is pro-future. We have taken a huge hit with this election, but that doesn’t change the stance.
Girls don‚Äôt go away. We will always be here. And we will be holding the White House even more accountable than ever…

Stay strong.

-Ashley E. Remer
Head Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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