Hillary helping local students create beautiful butterfly paintings.

Hillary helping local students create beautiful butterfly paintings.

Summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere with the Summer Solstice on June 20th, but many people start celebrating the season when June rolls around or when school lets out for the summer. Right now, students are getting antsy as they look out their classroom windows, teachers are trying to keep their attention, and parents are planning family vacations, neighborhood barbeques, and other summer activities. Summer is a lot of fun, but after a few weeks of being at home, things can start to get a little boring. Try some of our tips to keep busy and try new things all summer long!

Top 5 Summer Activities for Girls

  1. Let Nature Inspire Your Art
    Head outside with your favorite art materials and get inspired by nature! Gather some leaves and flowers to create a chalk rubbing, try using different berries, leaves, and even rocks to color, or paint a beautiful butterfly. Display your art at home to remind you of sunny summer days. Bonus points if you delve into the culinary arts and make a mud pie!
  2. Take An Adventure…To the Library
    This is a great activity for a rainy day, or if you have a sunny spot outside to curl up with a book. Many libraries have really fun summer reading programs. You can discover some great new books and maybe even earn some rewards for reading! Check out your local library to see what’s happening this summer.
  3. Go on a Treasure Hunt
    Look for treasures in your own backyard, or by digging through sand on the beach. A treasure could be a pretty shell, a colorful feather, an old coin, or anything that you think is cool! You can also hunt for treasures by visiting garage sales in your neighborhood. You know what they say – one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure!
  4. Find a Reason to Celebrate
    Is your birthday in the summer? Host a fun summer party! Is your birthday in the winter? Celebrate your half-birthday during the summer! Either way, you win. Invite some friends over for a day of crafts, a tea party, a water balloon fight, or whatever fun activities you want to include.
  5. Start a Business
    Running your own business can be a lot of fun and also challenging. You can turn a hobby into a business by selling products that you create. This could really be anything! Of course, there is the classic lemonade stand – why not step it up a bit and turn it into a snow cone stand instead? Or you could sell arts and crafts projects if that is more your style. The internet makes this idea simple because you can work with an adult to set up your very own Etsy store to sell handmade items. Once you get started, make a plan for the money that you earn. You could choose to save up for something that you would love to have, put it away for college, or donate to a charity.

What other ideas do you have for having fun in the summer? Let us know your ideas and share how you are keeping busy this summer!

-Hillary Hanel
Museum Education Advisor
Girl Museum Inc.

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