Mattel's new DC Comic Superhero GIrls.

Mattel’s new DC Comics Superhero Girls.

As a girl growing up with two older brothers, from a young age I was more interested in the typical ‘boys toys’ than the typical ‘girls toys’. Being surrounded by cars, trucks, action man figures etc., I naturally gravitated towards these toys rather than baby dolls and tea sets. If the new DC comic based SuperHero Girls dolls had been around 30 years ago, they definitely would have been on my list to Father Christmas!

This new range of dolls has been designed by women in consultation with girls over 6 years old and features Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Harlequin and Poison Ivy. The first designs were criticised for looking too girly and as though they couldn’t fight; showing the girls were looking for heroic role models to match the male superheroes that have been available as ‘boys toys’ for so long!

It is claimed that these dolls are a move away from the skinny, big-breasted, glamourous image of Barbie, but they still look rather slim waisted, long eye lashed and pouty to me! Although, there is definitely a feeling of power and confidence about these dolls, they do still have the traditional elements of glamour of a Barbie.

When talking about the launch of the dolls, the president of DC entertainment, Diane Nelson, said “Girls want to experience the strength, action and optimism of superheroes too.” I agree. My own experience of the captivation of superheroes is with my 3 year old son. To him there is nothing more awe inspiring than a superhero. He loves to play with superhero action figures; he loves to pretend to be one of the superheroes; and we have discovered that by calling medicine or immunisations ‘Superhero Vitamins’, administering it is made so much easier! I think that making superheroes more relevant and accessible to girls could contribute to greater positivity and self-esteem of the next generation.

-Leanne Beard
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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