The Violence Must Stop.

Firearm related deaths are now the leading cause of death for children in the US. Hillary provides insights into this horrifying statistic.

Debating Gun Violence: 25 Years since Dunblane

Twenty-five years ago, the deadliest mass shooting in British history occurred at Dunblane Primary School in Stirling, Scotland. I first learned of the shooting while browsing lists of historical anniversaries, and became intrigued by the fact that the shooting...

Incredible Girls: Naomi Wadler

Associate Editor Sage Daugherty continues her Incredible Girls column with a look at the life of 12-year-old activist Naomi Wadler.

Dead at 15: When Will It End?

Her name was Bailey Nicole Holt. She was 15, and going to school just like every other day. She was a happy young woman, working hard towards her dream of being a labor and delivery nurse. She was probably gathered with her friends in the commons, talking and getting...

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