Why I Game: Meeghan

The Nancy Drew games are also very empowering. I’m sure most people have at least heard of Nancy Drew: the teen detective who has been solving thrilling mysteries for close to a century. The games allow you to step into her shoes, as you play as Nancy herself.

Nancy Drew

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we are talking about our girlhood heroines for our sixth Heroines Quilt Project. Read about Nancy Drew.

Review: Nancy Drew

Back in my school days when we couldn’t order books off the Internet, one way for young students to have access to reading materials outside of the general bookstore or school library in New Zealand was the monthly catalogue Scholastic. Here is where I picked up...

Girls Undercover: Violet Strange

Name: Violet Strange Occupation: Girl detective and debutante Location: New York City, 1899 As seen in: The Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange, by Anna Katharine Green Violet Strange is a character, created by Anna Katharine Green for her mystery...

Literary Girls: Flavia de Luce (Flavia de Luce books)

In our “Literary Girls” series we have discussed many amazing, inspiring heroines from books we cherished while growing up. Flavia de Luce has appeared on the scene more recently, as the first novel she was featured in was...

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