Favorite Authors: Alice Oseman

Junior Girl Rosalie Elliffe writes about author, Alice Oseman, who published her first book at nineteen, and has since written numerous other books.

Junior Girls Rant: In defence of the quiet ones

Fanny Price is the most overlooked heroine in the world of Jane Austen and, for many readers, her story – Mansfield Park – is the least loved Austen novel. Some believe the novel itself is at fault – it is dark in subject, the characters are...

Our Private World: Girls’ School Stories

Junior Girl Rosalie Elliffe writes about the expansion of school stories written specifically for girls, after an encounter with a Bodleian Library puzzle.

Book Review: Go Girl

Junior Girl Rosalie Elliffe reviews Go Girl, a collection of important women throughout the history of New Zealand and why they are deserving of an entry.

Daisy Ashford and The Young Visiters

Junior Girl Rosalie Ashford writes about Daisy Ashford, and her novel, The Young Visiters, which had an introduction by J.M. Barrie.

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