o-the-craft-facebookDr. Athena Bellas has a fantastic blog and podcast called Teen Screen Feminism which explores ‚Äì in her words ‚Äì the “non-academic discussion of all the ideas around feminism, screen cultures, and girlhood.” It’s amazing, and if you haven’t already checked it out, I strongly suggest you do. Try starting with two podcasts that feature Girl Museum’s own¬†Junior Girl Emily Chandler!

The first podcast featuring Emily is¬†Queer Girls Onscreen: A Conversation with Emily Chandler, and the second is¬†Halloween Special: Monstrous Girls on the Teen Screen. If you enjoy them, you can subscribe to Dr. Bellas’s pocast in iTunes.

And as always, if you want more podcast goodness, be sure to subscribe to GirlSpeak, the Girl Museum podcast, either through iTunes or PodBean.

-Katie Weidmann
Social Media Manager
Girl Museum Inc.

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