BenedictSocietyThe Mysterious Benedict Society (illustrations by Carson Ellis)

This is an excellent book! This book is about four children who are very special in different ways. Reynie Muldoon is very smart and very good at solving puzzles. George Washington AKA “Sticky” is a mini-Einstein.Next is Kate Wetherall who always carries a bucket with useful tools and is quick on her feet and very flexible. Last, but not least, is Constance Contraire, who is rude but very important to the story (you have to read the book to find out why).

Together with Mr. Benedict, the kids help to save the world from an evil genius. This book is very entertaining, I like that really smart kids help to save the world. This book is full of adventure and has really interesting puzzles that they have to solve to save the world—for now…

The book’s illustrations really helped me understand parts of the book. Sometimes when I had a question there was an illustration that would help me figure it out. I cannot describe how amazing this book is. Give it a try!

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (illustrations by Diana Sudyka)

In the second book the Benedict Society series, Sticky, Kate, Reynie and Constance have to save Mr. Benedict from the evil Mr. Curtain and the equally evil Ten-Men.Also, Constance learns more about her special abilities, but if you expect her to not be rude anymore you are mistaken!This book has even more puzzles than the first one and is equally awesome.I love the adventure and this book and how all of the kids are really cool!

As with the first book, the illustrations are great and help understand the story.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma (illustrations by Diana Sudyka)

In the third book of the Mysterious Benedict Society we learn more about Constance’s mysterious past using an “unusual” machine.This is a good book, but not as good as the previous ones.I thought it should have had more adventures.But I like how Constance learns about her past and stops being as rude!And I like how Kate helped to beat a Ten-Men. The illustrations are still great and help to story along.

Even if it is not as good as the first two, it is still a great book.

-Review by Amy Cate A. (10)

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