She’s tiny, can fly, and if gifted with a little sprinkling of her pixie dust, you can join her on an adventure to Neverland — the mischievous, fun-loving fairy Tinkerbell was one of my childhood heroines.

Girls can do anything, and this little fairy holds down a practical profession! Tinkerbell is a Tinker fairy, an inventor and fixer of pots and kettles, a real hands-on type of girl. A loyal friend, Tink is also a feisty fairy who occasionally shows signs of jealousy. Her swings in personality are explained by her small size which prevents her from holding more than one emotion at a time. I’ve experienced (and continue to) this wash of emotion as I’ve grown from a girl into a young adult. Negative reactions can be overwhelming, but if a fairy can experience this, we can all forgive ourselves for it too.

As with all fairies, Tink ignites the magic of imagination, dreams, and creativity which I believe are key ingredients in the secret to life. She brings back fond memories of perching on tree branches with good friends whilst playing my favourite childhood game ‘Fairies at the bottom of the Garden’.

-Lenka C.

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